How do I become a firefighter?

It’s very simply, fill out an application, submit it to the Fire Chief, and then come have an interview with the Fire Chief and his Officers!

What training will I receive?

You can expect rigorous local training on our training days which take place twice per month, but you will also attend specialized schools at institutions such as Texas A&M University!

How much time will being a volunteer Firefighter take up?

The State Fire Marshall Association (SFMA) sets minimum standards for training time which takes place two times per month. But the more time you spend developing your firefighter skills, the quicker you will become the qualified!

Is there a physical examination or test required?

No physical is required but all volunteers should check with their doctor to determine if being a Firefighter is right for you!

Is firefighting dangerous?

No doubt, firefighting is dangerous. However, the Fire Chief wants you to know that he will not put you in a dangerous position.

Does it cost anything to be a Firefighter?

It does not cost anything, all Firefighter clothing and gear as well as training is paid for!

What if I don’t like it, can I quit?

Absolutely, this is a volunteer Fire Department. If you try it out and it is not for you, then we would thank you for trying and wish you well!

I can’t be a Firefighter, but how can I help?

The fire department has a board of directors and hosts many activities every year. You can volunteer to serve on the board of directors—President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary—these positions are for 2-year terms. You can also volunteer to help out with other activities such as our Annual Barbecue, Christmas Party, help perform maintenance on the trucks and building, etc.

I don’t live in Mico, can I still volunteer?

Unfortunately, you must be a resident to volunteer with this Fire Department.

Does the Fire Department deliver water for pools or failed wells?

Unfortunately, we can not. Medina County Emergency Services District #1 has set the precedent and this activity is not allowed.

How large is the coverage area?

This department covers approximately 70 square miles. See the coverage area map.

How many Firefighters do you have/need?

We currently have 14 Firefighters, but our community is growing. Our greatest need right now is for Firefighters who are available during the hours of 7:00 am–5:00 pm.

What services does MVFD provide to the community?

In addition to firefighting, the MVFD serves as a community center. Several times per year the facility is used to host political events such as elections and town hall meetings where residents can “meet the candidates.” CPR classes for the Firefighters are also offered to the community, several Home Owners Associations use the facility for meetings, and we also host a Community Christmas party every year in December.