Process for Board Positions (President and Secretary)

Mico VFD Bylaws

Article V – The Board of Directors, Section 2 – Page 5
Nominations for Board Positions will be made by the Nomination Committee
September 10th: The membership in attendance selects the Nomination Committee
Duties of the Nomination Committee (Article XI – Section 6): Page 14
The NOMINATION COMMITTEE shall prepare a list of all qualified candidates for any upcoming election. The list shall include only persons who have indicated a desire to run for the available positions. The Committee shall organize special elections that may be required to fill vacancies of unexpired terms. The Committee shall be comprised of two members elected by the membership at the September business meeting following the Nomination Committee selection process as defined in the Department Policies and Procedures Manual. The Committee must adhere to the election process as explained in these by-laws.
October 8th: Nomination Committee will present nominations to the membership in attendance.
November 12th: Election of nominee: Note: Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the November meeting, prior to the election.
Article XIV: Elections – Page 16
 Election is done by secret ballot unless there is only one candidate
for the office.
 New Board Officers shall take office January 1, 2020.
Article III – Membership (Section 9) – Page 4
Members that join after June 1st may participate and vote in all matters with the exception of the nomination and election of the Board of Directors.